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June 15, 2023

GTM: Best Practices, Processes, and Pitfalls around Product-Market Fit



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This presentation delves into the concept of product-market fit, exploring its intricacies and providing insights on navigating challenges. Learn how to bring a product to market effectively and optimize your go-to-market strategy for success.

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I'm Claudia, I'm living in Amsterdam, but I'm originally from Switzerland, a German part. I grew up with an Italian mother and yeah, it happened that I moved to Amsterdam. So I learned Dutch. That's actually my newest language that I learned. And I have a background in translation and journalism. And I had a lot of content roles in my life. And yeah, since some years I'm in UX and actually I'm really, really happy because it combines everything I love. So there is a research part that I always loved when I was a journalist. There is the part that you jump in, in new kind of topics that I also loved as a journalist. And you learn new things. And this part, you also have a translator. So there are some things that you have in these disciplines with writing everywhere, like that you jump into new topics, you learn new things. And yeah, so what else can I tell you? Well, I work for Trusted Shops. I don't know if you said that already. It's a German, well, headquarters in Germany, but we are all over Europe. And it's a review management company, but we also have other products like fire protection. And yeah, what else? I'm a principal content design localization. So that says it all in the sense that we have these two disciplines combined in our company. And we really believe that this is actually the way to go also in the future, that content should be seen as a holistic discipline. And yeah, that silos actually shouldn't be there, especially if you want to have this perfect product for the different markets. Right. So I think now, this is both for us to dive into the main topic, which is go to markets, best practices, processes, and it falls around it. And the first question is, I believe, pretty straightforward. In your opinion, where does user experience start and end? Yes, so I would say that it starts actually, and now I'm going offline with a handshake. So that's actually simple, perhaps for the first touch point you have with a product or a brand.
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