High-quality multilingual AI content generator

Create high-quality, unique content based on your company's own assets in 280+ languages with the groundbreaking generative content and AI translation solution.

AI-generated content in any language to power your global success

Make any content idea a reality, in seconds

Harness the power of Smartcat AI to create any type of high-quality, original content and automatically translate it into your languages of choice.

Power performance to an all-new level

Get unprecedented speed and quality, and make your budget go far further.

The do-anything content creator

From elearning courses to product copy, and emails to blog content, web pages, and sales collateral, do it all with Smartcat AI.

How does Smartcat AI work?

Smartcat AI augments the knowledge about your company’s content. It works in a few simple steps.


Create your AI prompt

Harness the power of Smartcat AI to create any type of high-quality, original content and automatically translate it into your languages of choice.


Choose to engage indexed content

After providing your initial prompt, Smartcat AI immediately searches your content repository to see if there is relevant indexed content that you might wish to use for the project at hand. You can choose as many documents as you like with the click of a button, or start from scratch.


Smartcat AI instantly generates your content

In seconds, Smartcat AI then generates brand new source content for you based on your prompt.Use cases include blog articles, white papers, web pages, voice over scripts, press releases, social media scripts, and virtually any other kind of content type that you can think of.

Your data is completely secure

All AI-generated content and associated data is stored in a highly secure environment. It is never shared and is only accessible by the Smartcat workspace users with the requisite access rights that your workspace admin has granted.

Experience the future of content creation for a multilingual, global audience

The AI content creation platform for exceptionally high standards of quality, consistency, and speed.


the speed


of the cost



or under to translate each file



you can choose from

Enterprise class, fully secure, with a private central content repository

Your all-in-one content platform

Smartcat AI is your turnkey content hub to generate any type of content for global audiences in a fully secure environment.

Fortress-like security

All content and data is kept secure and encrypted in SOC-compliant data centers, and is never, ever shared with any third parties.

Limitless content possibilities

Automatically create highly contextual, original content and localize it in 280+ languages, in the knowledge that your data is safer than anyone else.

Unrivaled collaboration with unlimited seats and a continuous feedback loop

Smartcat AI is designed for optimal teamwork and collaborative workflows.

Continuous feedback loop for non-stop improvements
All content edits from team members globally feed the AI model to continuously improve results.

No cap on seating for limitless collaboration
We further enhance the collaborative nature of SmartAI Sherpa™ with an unlimited seat model. Make Smartcat available to anyone within your organization globally as well as to your external partners and vendors at no extra cost.

70% reduced content and translation costs for Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker is a Fortune 500 company present in over 40 countries. The company works with Smartcat to deliver high-quality content to its global, multiple language audience.

Stanley Black & Decker effortlessly delivers culturally relevant training content to diverse audiences through Smartcat, driving business growth and employee development on a global scale.

Smartcat’s AI translation is a fantastic tool. Our ability to source content from a central repository and benefit from adaptive algorithms which incorporate translation memories and glossaries across all project teams means the business as a whole gains from each team’s translations

Stanley Black & Decker

Use any file format and integrate with your favorite apps in seconds

Smartcat supports virtually all major file formats and integrates with the most important, common programs and apps.

80+ files supported

30+ integrations

Learn more about file translation

Why Smartcat AI is the right content generator for your organization

Smartcat supports virtually all major file formats and integrates with the most important, common programs and apps.

Automated translation

Smartcat's AI speeds up localization while maintaining accuracy.

Seamless collaboration

In-house teams and linguists collaborate effortlessly, ensuring high-quality content.

Customized workflows

Tailor workflows to fit project needs effectively.

Revision management

Keep training materials up-to-date with efficient version control.

Cultural relevance

Ensure translations resonate with global audiences.

User-friendly interface

Intuitive platform simplifies the translation process.

Data Security

Advanced measures protect sensitive content.

Support for required file types

XLIFF and 80+ file types needed for content creation.

30+ integrations with third-party tools

Set up continuous localization with all sorts of platforms.

Smartcat multilingual AI content generator FAQ

What is AI generated content?

AI-generated content refers to written, visual, or audio material that is created using artificial intelligence technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP) for text, generative adversarial networks (GANs) for images, or deep learning models for audio. AI content generation involves using algorithms and large datasets to produce content automatically, without direct human involvement.

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How does AI content generation work?

Here's how AI content generation generally works:

  • Training: AI models are trained on vast amounts of data, including text, images, or audio samples. This training helps the AI learn patterns, language structures, and other features present in the data.

  • Learning: During training, the AI model learns to understand the underlying patterns in the data and develop the ability to generate new content that resembles the examples it has been exposed to.

  • Generation: Once trained, the AI model can generate new content based on the patterns it has learned. For example, an AI language model can generate coherent text based on a given prompt or topic.

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Can AI content generators replace human content writers?

While AI content generators have made significant progress and can produce coherent and high-quality content, they still have limitations. AI-generated content lacks creativity, empathy, and the ability to understand complex nuances that human writers can provide. AI is most effective when used in tandem with human writers rather than completely replacing them.

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How is it safe to use AI tools for generating content?

Using AI tools for generating content is generally safe as long as certain precautions are taken:

  • Fact-checking: Always verify the information provided by AI-generated content to ensure accuracy.

  • Ethical considerations: Avoid using AI to create misleading, harmful, or malicious content.

  • Disclosure: If AI is used to generate content, it's essential to disclose its use to maintain transparency with the audience.

  • Review and edit: Human oversight is crucial to catch any errors, tone issues, or inappropriate content that AI might produce.

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What are the benefits of using an AI writer?

  • Efficiency: AI can produce content at a much faster rate than human writers, saving time and resources.

  • Consistency: AI ensures consistent tone, style, and quality throughout the content.

  • Scaling: AI allows businesses to generate large volumes of content quickly to meet demand.

  • Multilingual support: AI can generate content in various languages without the need for translation services.

  • Data-driven insights: AI can analyze data to understand content performance and audience preferences.

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How can AI improve and help writers and content creators?

  • Idea generation: AI can suggest creative ideas and relevant topics based on trending content and user preferences.

  • Research assistance: AI can gather data, facts, and statistics to support writers during the research process.

  • Grammar and style checks: AI can help writers improve their writing by providing suggestions for grammar, style, and vocabulary.

  • Personalization: AI can analyze user data to deliver personalized content tailored to individual preferences.

  • Content optimization: AI tools can optimize content for SEO and audience engagement.

  • Translation: AI can aid in translating content into different languages, expanding the reach of the content.

    In summary, AI-generated content is material created by artificial intelligence models using NLP, GANs, or deep learning. It can be detected to some extent, but its use is generally safe when accompanied by human oversight. AI content generators can't fully replace human writers but can assist them in various ways, improving efficiency, scalability, and content quality. AI also empowers writers with idea generation, research assistance, and content optimization, leading to more effective and personalized content creation.

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