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Create all the learning content you need including full courses, microlearnings, videos, quizzes, AI dubbing, and more.

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25% of the Fortune 500 trust Smartcat to AI-translate 80+ file types, including PowerPoint.

Our workforce requires comprehensive training to speak with healthcare professionals about our medical technology. Smartcat enables us to achieve this goal.

Barbara Fedorowicz

Translation department manager

Create elearning content in any language in minutes

Generate any type of elearning content from start to finish, including full-length corporate learning courses, microlearning assets, videos, quizzes, AI dubbing, and more.

Continuously improving quality

Smartcat AI learns from every edit made by your team so your learning content is consistently on message.


With an unlimited seat model for collaboration, Smartcat is the most cost-effective AI solution on the market.

A global leader in generative AI content creation


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global corporate clients


of the Fortune 500

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Get high-quality AI generated learning content in a snap in any language

Create or translate all the learning content you need to accelerate your learning and development initiatives globally and locally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GenAI Learning Content Creator?

Smartcat AI is a versatile tool designed to streamline the course creation and elearning translation across various formats, including full courses, microlearning, videos, quizzes, and AI dubbing. It utilizes generative AI technology to generate and optimize learning materials in any language, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness.

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How does GenAI accelerate eLearning content creation and translation?

Smartcat AI accelerates course content creation and translation by providing a platform where users can effortlessly create or translate learning content in any language within minutes. By continuously learning from team edits and content, Smartcat AI ensures that the quality of learning materials remains consistently high while significantly reducing the time and effort required for AI-driven content creation and translation.

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What are the key benefits of using GenAI Content Creator Messaging Master?

The key benefits of using Smartcat AI include:
Rapid generation of learning content in any language.

  • Accelerated eLearning creation or translation, spanning from full-length courses to micro learnings, videos, quizzes, and AI dubbing.

  • Continuous improvement in quality as Smartcat AI learns from every edit made by the team.

  • Cost-effectiveness with an unlimited seat model for collaboration, making it the most economical GenAI solution available.

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How does Gen AI contribute to knowledge transfer in companies?

Smartcat AI facilitates knowledge transfer within companies by reimagining Learning & Development (L&D) from first principles. By focusing on making knowledge truly accessible and effective, GenAI aims to train employees rather than merely provide educational content. It leverages Generative AI to identify and optimize points in the knowledge transfer process that offer the greatest return on investment, ultimately empowering organizations to create, package, and deliver learning content tailored to individual employees.

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