Video game localization, the right way

Nowhere is the battle for the ever-shortening attention span fiercer than in video games. Research shows that if a player cannot understand what is expected from them in under two seconds, the likelihood of their clicking away increases by 300%.

That is why localizing your games flexibly and continuously is more important than ever.

Video game localization, the right way in Smartcat

Smartcat will let you localize your video game in a way that’s just right for you.

Many ways to connect

Via multilingual spreadsheets

Via multilingual spreadsheets

Via repositories

Via repositories



Via an Open API

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Many ways to be involved

Many ways to translate

By yourself

Unlimited account users — translate yourself or invite community volunteers

Via freelancers

300,000+ freelancers at your fingertips

With a corporate partner

3,000+ translation companies to choose from

With machine translation

15+ MT engines built into the process

Let’s localize on the fly with Smartcat

What makes localizing video games with Smartcat so good?

Let’s localize on the fly with Smartcat