isEazy saved 50% of translation costs in 2023 with Smartcat

isEazy, a leading technology company specialized in e-learning solutions to offer an end-to-end experience that meets all of its clients' training needs, decided to change its digital course translation process to gain management autonomy, streamline operations and optimize costs.

KPIs achieved


cost savings

with Smartcat instead of a translation agency


words translated

with Smartcat AI human workflows in half the time


e-learning projects

managed simultaneously with Smartcat

The firm runs projects for over 1,000 clients in 90 countries. To meet the translation needs this entails, in 2020 they started working with Smartcat, initially with its in-house team of English translators. Given the good results achieved, in 2023 they also transferred the management of translation projects in other languages from external agencies to Smartcat. Now translations in all languages are handled through Smartcat.

This has allowed isEazy to streamline project operations, manage payments to collaborators, improve the quality of the content, and do all the translations they need in parallel.

The Challenge

Need to outsource high-quality translations and give support to the in-house translator team for all languages

isEazy's localization management team noted the difficulty of managing translations with external companies compared to the translations they performed in-house. They faced longer turnaround times, less translation consistency, higher costs, and a lack of direct communication with translators.

“When we outsourced to an agency, I had no control over the management process, or over who was doing the translations and what the review process looked like. I had no direct contact with the translator in case of doubts and glossary problems. Costs were also much higher.”

Nuria Sánchez

Operations Administrative Assistant at isEazy

High costs

The fees charged by outsourcing agencies were often high, which meant that increasing volumes of translations quickly inflated costs.

Invoicing and payment management complexity

Managing multiple invoices from the translation service provider consumed significant time and effort for isEazy's accounting and finance teams.

Maintaining high quality and consistency in translated courses

Ensuring courses met clients' expectations for quality and consistency across diverse sectors was paramount but challenging for isEazy. They needed a way for multiple linguists to collaborate on projects with a large volume of words, all while keeping the language and style consistent. isEazy wanted to be able to share translation memories between their teams.

The solution

Transparency and full control over the translation process

The team at isEazy was able to find a comprehensive solution in the Smartcat platform to overcome the challenges they faced. 

The localization management team emphasized the efficiency of the Smartcat platform's translation management features, which now give them total control over the entire process – they gained complete oversight of projects, visibility into translation progress, direct contact with translators, and efficient project management.

“I have complete visibility of the project progress status. I can see the percentage of completion that a translator has done. The workflow is so fast with Smartcat and there is a direct two-way chat between us and the translators right inside the Smartcat platform.”

Nuria Sánchez

Operations Administrative Assistant at isEazy

Meeting client expectations with quality and consistency

isEazy knew it was essential to deliver high-quality, multiple courses to their clients. Utilizing Smartcat's translation memory capabilities, and language quality assurance checks – all in the Smartcat Editor – they were able to ensure meticulous quality control, consistent terminology, and accurate translations across all courses.

Smartcat’s Editor is a tool that shows the source text and the translation side-by-side and is easy to use for teams and linguists. 

"We're able to build up glossaries and improve our quality assurance at the same time. This is essential as some of our clients have very technical content,” explained one of isEazy's internal translators

The private and secure central record of their multilingual content on Smartcat meant they had constant access to these files. Thanks to translation memories, these approved translations are repurposed for new projects to save time and costs.

Automated website translation for target market penetration

In addition to using Smartcat to translate courses, at isEazy they saw how Smartcat could help another department within the company meet its objective.

isEazy’s marketing teamwanted to target the Brazilian market and localize their site quickly for this segment. They connected their WordPress website with Smartcat’s integration, which served to facilitate a seamless translation process, ensuring swift and accurate website localization without extensive manual intervention.  They could get the site up and running quickly in time for a tight launch deadline.

Improved team collaboration on a single platform

The team transitioned from individual translation tools to a unified team-wide platform streamlined collaboration. They immediately saw that they could better ensure consistency across courses and marketing materials. The shared interface and project-based organization facilitated better planning, improved delivery times, and enhanced efficiency in managing diverse projects across departments. 

“What’s also so helpful is that I can work on a translation project in the morning and my colleagues can take over later in the day because Smartcat translation memories and glossaries update for all of us at the same time. Terminology is consistent and project updates are saved for all project members. This makes project management and collaboration so much easier. We can all pick up where someone else left off and see exactly what to do”, highlighted one of isEazy's translators.

Enhanced linguist sourcing and communication tools

Smartcat Marketplace provided improved filtering options for sourcing linguists based on language proficiency, expertise, and cost per word, streamlining the selection process for isEazy. The marketplace functionality enabled access to diverse freelancers at varying budget levels, significantly reducing costs.

“I can search for freelancers with a pre-setting that will ensure I spend in line with my budget. The costs have lowered significantly.”

Nuria Sánchez

Operations Administrative Assistant at isEazy

Efficient invoicing and payment integration

Smartcat's platform streamlined invoicing, consolidating payment processes within the platform, reducing manual effort for accounting and finance teams, and enabling faster payments to linguists.

The Results

isEazy was able to revolutionize their translation processes with the Smartcat Language AI platform. They addressed sourcing challenges, simplified payment management, enabled seamless website localization, and ensured high-quality, fast course deliveries. These enhancements have not only optimized isEazy’s operations but also strengthened their position as a leader in delivering top-tier translated learning content.

As the localization team at isEazy point out: “Linguistic consistency was absolutely critical for us and now we can achieve that for all our courses, in all the languages.”

This collaboration with Smartcat has empowered isEazy to satisfy its localization needs to quickly produce its courses in several languages, improving both translation quality and the speed of its management and operation, thus obtaining a significant cost reduction.

Key results

  • 5,540,667 words translated in 2023

  • 50% cost savings with Smartcat

  • 50+ translation projects managed simultaneously with Smartcat

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