Why Every Global Enterprise Needs Consistent Language AI™

Global enterprises that communicate in multiple languages need to ensure consistency with regard to their brand, tone, voice and terminology. Go-to-market teams and those responsible for global content must stay on message across departments, channels and geographies in a timely manner, lest their communication be outdated or simply wrong.  Without this consistency, international growth can be stunted.

At Smartcat, we hear from clients all the time about their previous frustration with turnaround times, concern about budgets being stretched too thin, disappointed with the quality of the translation results and angry about the manual processes—using spreadsheets and email—to translate millions of words into multiple languages.

Slow turnaround time was a major source of anxiety for our client AMPP, a global organization protecting infrastructure and assets worldwide.  It’s former agency solution took so long to translate content that it was completely outdated by the time the translations were completed.  This led to immense frustration and ultimately an unworkable situation.

“Before Smartcat, it took us about a year to get an Articulate course translated into three languages.”

Christopher Goodsell

Manager for Instructional Systems Design at AMPP.

Consistency was a major challenge for Expondo, an eCommerce powerhouse operating in 18 countries from four global offices.  From a decentralized translation process to manual file handling, the Expondo group suffered through an administrative nightmare, inconsistent quality and no way to collaborate.

“We had a decentralized translation process, with each team managing their own translations and this led to inconsistencies in terminology and style across different content types.”

Julia Emge

Head of Translations at Expondo

When it came to budgetary challenges, our client Stanley Black & Decker was constantly worried about costs and had to make huge sacrifices when it came to translations, forced to choose only certain types of content over others and could only translate into a limited set of languages.

“Translation costs were higher than necessary due to an expensive agency and lack of a platform that learns from each translation and can reuse existing content where relevant.”

Josie Millis

Customer Marketing at Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker’s agency model not only delivered inconsistent quality and long turnaround times, but their costs ranged from $200 to $300 per 1,000 words.

When faced with all of these challenges but especially high costs, clients often turn to public machine translation engines such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon or DeepL for at least some of their content.  However, without a central system of record or feedback loop that learns a company’s brand voice, tone and terminology, these solutions can’t deliver the quality needed which leads to more time wasted fixing translations and a large administrative burden on enterprises (not to mention security or privacy when it comes to corporate data).

So how does Smartcat’s AI translation platform solve these challenges for enterprise companies?

Time to market: speed is important, not at the expense of quality, but when the pace of change is faster than a translation can be completed, there’s no way to keep up.  Machine translation can’t live up to the quality benchmark and agencies can’t turn things around fast enough to stay relevant.  Smartcat’s AI translation achieves a level of quality and speed that allows teams to spend no more time on review than with an agency but at 100x the speed and 1/200th of the cost.

Our client AMPP described the value from Smartcat this way:

“Immediately we saw that Smartcat was able to provide the exact services that we needed: AI translation and a centralized hub for our translation workflow and communication. With Smartcat, our translations render our preferred source language terms into the target languages, which wasn’t our experience with previous provider solutions. The way Smartcat’s AI works enables us to be far more consistent.”

Manager for Instructional Systems Design at AMPP.

Christopher Goodsell

Consistency / Quality: without a central content system of record, how can enterprises ensure brand, product and terms are forever translated the same way all over the world? The answer is they can’t.  Agencies relying on translators and layers of outsourcing and management will dilute messages and repeat the same translation mistakes over and over again, and of course charging for it time and time again.  And as we know, machine translation engines lack the intelligence to provide consistency across languages as well as any collaborative workflow for the review process.  Smartcat’s AI translation solves these challenges with one system of record for multilingual content and intelligence that learns from every edit of every team member across the enterprise.

 Josie Millis, Customer Marketing at Stanley Black and Decker explains, 

“Smartcat’s unique offering is a combination of AI adaptive learning algorithms, which takes advantage of our company’s terminology and brand voice to produce the most accurate and high-quality results.”

Scale: agencies scale by adding translators to a project which is a linear increase in cost.  Machine translation can handle volume but teams can’t handle the burden of reworking content with the same errors across each new translation in the absence of a central system of record.  Smartcat’s AI translation lets you scale in 2 ways:

With costs at $1.20 per 1,000 words versus $200 to $300 per 1,000 words, Smartcat allows enterprises to immediately scale up content volumes exponentially without compromising quality–increasing throughput exponentially

“We were able to reduce translation costs by up to 70%, significantly reduce the turnaround time, and keep quality consistent throughout.”

Josie Millis

Customer Marketing, Stanley Black and Decker

In sum, the frustrations & anxiety about turnaround times, the concerns over budget and content volumes and number of languages, and the worry over consistency of voice, brand and terminology, disappear with Smartcat’s AI translation platform which delivers equal quality at a fraction of the time and cost of almost any other solution on the market today.

Get Consistent Language AI™

Achieve 100% quality, brand, tone, voice and terminology consistency, 30% faster turnaround times, and 70% improved budget usage.