The rise of eLearning in 2020 and how to localize it

Thursday, May 21st, 6 PM (UTC+3)

The rise of eLearning in 2020 and how to localize it

eLearning is the present and future—billions of workers have recently been forced to work from home—today is in-person training is effectively canceled; but eventually, we can all now see when remote learning, eLearning will be as common as working from home. In fact, all these remote workers need new skills and they can't go to the classroom to get them.

In order to provide effective experiences, the learning ecosystem must scale with eLearning. Today it's small teams doing bespoke work and it's tedious and expensive. Localization is a distant concern--but with all global scaling trends, it's critical that we learn how to engage, execute and optimize localized experiences.

In this 45-minute presentation, we will cover the following topics:

  • How to prepare for a global learning audience?

  • What's the landscape today in terms of tools and practice?

  • What are the obstacles and pitfalls of eLearning Localization?

  • How do we scale with technology?

The presentation will be useful for PM´s and Localization managers both from the Language service provider and the End Client side.


Gilbert Segura

Gilbert Segura

CTO and VP of Production at Global eLearning

Over 19 Years of localization experience on both the client and vendor side in the high tech industry. I've worked with Dell, Lionbridge, Siemens, Amazon, Jonckers, and Welocalize. I started my localization work during my 10 years at Dell handling localization for technical knowledge (my first love), sales, and marketing. I provided editorial, production, technical, business analysis, budget forecasting and support. At Amazon I figured out I really wanted to solve some big problems with knowledge-based semantic analysis, concept extraction, recombination, machine translation, machine content generation, ontologies, and a bunch of acronyms which, if put together the right way, are a patent. {pending...} Specialties and interests: Translation forecasting and spend management, SDL Worldserver, String translations, Post-Edited MT, Machine Translation, Matecat, workflow systems, fancy process stuff, six sigma, business analysis, Knowledge Management, domain modeling, rule creation, content management, taxonomies, CMS content "untangling", and reverse engineering complex arbitrary systems and slamming them into high-gear.

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