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Get translated VTT files in up to 280 languages in seconds and to the highest of quality and consistency standards with Smartcat AI.


Unmatched AI translation results for VTT subtitle files

The simplest and most efficient way to translate any document, including VTT files.


the speed

compared to traditional translation agency fees


of the cost

with the same or less review


accuracy from the start

and learns from your existing content and edits

Quality has markedly increased compared with agencies, corrections are much lower, the editing process is faster and less labor-intensive and edits never go to waste because they are saved in the multilingual content library.

Barbara Fedorowicz

head of translations at Smith & Nephew

5 steps to perfect VTT subtitles in any language


Upload your VTT files in seconds


Translate files in seconds with Smartcat AI


Verify AI translations in the Smartcat Editor


Use AI Actions to speed up editing


Download translated VTT files

Your go-to VTT translator solution awaits

Smartcat Language AI combines the most cutting-edge AI language technology for unequaled VTT translation results.

Harness the power of the market’s leading generative AI translation engine

Download your Smartcat AI-translated VTT files for use immediately

Collaborate on translations with your entire team in the Smartcat Editor

Automate edits with highly precise, ultra-contextual one-click AI Actions

Invite Smartcat Marketplace subject matter expert linguists to review and edit

All within your collaborative Smartcat workspace!

Fast and simple VTT file translation

You have completely centralized control from start to finish. No more outsourcing to agencies with no visibility over the translation workflow! You can translate video subtitles seconds, check translation quality, and export them – all in one place.

Get superior multimedia translation with Smartcat AI human workflows

Smartcat Language AI is your all-in-one single sign-on localization platform. Harness the combined power of the best of cutting-edge AI technology and human language professionals for unprecedented performance. It’s your go-to hub designed for optimal collaboration, productivity, and workflow efficiency.

AI multimedia translation

Video, audio, and subtitle AI translation

Total VTT file support

Smartcat is completely compatible with VTT files

Largest network of linguists

Source subject matter expert translators on Smartcat Marketplace

Unlimited collaboration

Your Smartcat workspace is a collaborative nerve centre with unlimited user access.

Hire audiovisual experts

Hire linguists that are well-versed in multimedia translation, including VTT

Unified procurement solution

AI sourcing of linguists finds you the best resources to post-edit your AI translation

Upgrade to VTT translation mastery today

Leave long turnaround times, high cost, and questionable quality behind.

Test-run VTT linguistic localization on Smartcat.
️Cancel any time.

Why Smartcat?

Smartcat is the essential language AI platform for the global enterprise.

Instantaneous with AI

Immediate results via AI and a simple UI that transforms any content type and format into any language

Consistent quality

AI-powered multilingual content library that learns from every edit and ensures consistency and no repeat errors

100x less expensive

With AI software than traditional outsourcing to agencies

Scale on-demand

AI sourcing of vetted linguists and domain experts embedded in editing workflows at 5x less than agencies


Can I localize VTT automatically?

With Smartcat you can automate VTT localization with AI translation. You can simply upload your VTT files to Smartcat and get a highly accurate AI translation in seconds. If you have your own translation memory and terminology glossary, you can also upload these before AI translation. Alternatively, Smartcat can create a new translation memory and glossary for you automatically.
Smartcat can also automate the hiring of subject matter expert translators to edit your VTT files via Smartcat Marketplace AI linguist matching, which identifies the best-matched linguist for your specific translation needs based on their experience, client reviews on Smartcat, language pairs, native language, and monetary rates. You also get full visibility of all linguists on Smartcat Marketplace and can speak with them directly too. 
To sum up, you can get an automated VTT translation with Smartcat AI in seconds. If you want to guarantee the highest of quality, Smartcat can automate hiring of professional translators to edit your files too. Of course, you can also do the hiring manually on Smartcat Marketplace if you prefer.

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Can I edit a translated VTT file in Smartcat?

Yes, you can quickly and easily edit VTT translations via Smartcat Editor, a very easy-to-use computer-assisted translation tool (CAT tool). You can get a high-quality AI automatic translation in Smartcat in seconds first. You can then edit your translations. You can also invite your own internal team or linguists, or hire linguists from Smartcat Marketplace, to review and edit your translations, all within your online Smartcat workspace.

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Does Smartcat support other video files formats?

In addition to VTT, Smartcat supports many video file formats for translation and editing. These multimedia file formats are mp4, mpeg, avi, mov, 3gp, 3g2, flv, m2v, m4v, mkv, mpg, ogv, qt, ts, vob, and wmv.

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Does Smartcat provide subtitle translation services?

Yes. Smartcat provides an AI video translator, which enables you to get 100% accurate subtitle translation for your video files in up to 280 languages. Simply upload your SRT or MP4 video files and Smartcat extracts the subtitles automatically, making them translation-ready in the Smartcat Editor. Smartcat renders your output files with the subtitles already burned in!

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