Translation and Localization For Government Agencies

Translation and Localization For Government Agencies

The Whitepaper that will bring clarity to your processes

This whitepaper examines the main challenges government agencies face and presents the approaches and technological solutions to overcome these.

The document was prepared by the Smartcat Platform as part of The Opportunity Project (TOP), by the Census Open Innovation Labs at the U.S. Census Bureau. It’s based both on Smartcat’s experience working with large and small countries, city governments, and school districts, and surveys conducted during discovery sessions run by The Opportunity Project.

Here are some of our focus points:

Providing multilingual communication amid limited funding and expertise;

Selecting the right linguistic resources and carrying out procurement;

Ensuring high translation quality and consistency while keeping it comprehensible for the target audience;

Using automation to guarantee quick delivery of translations;

Complying with local and international regulations and norms.