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The 3 Localization Dogmas that Suppress Innovation

October 27, 5:39 PM
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Everybody likes to talk about innovation and disruption, especially in the age of Artificial Intelligence and virtual worlds. However, innovations need an environment to thrive, and they seldom come from inside the industry itself. Renato will discuss three dogmas or beliefs constraining innovative solutions in the language services industry.


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but it's it's very interesting because we are in a moment of change in our organization. And whenever change is constant, we're always going through revolutions almost in our industry and the panel before was discussing the element of AI, which is like the buzzword of the moment. But what I'd like to talk about today is this concept of, we'd like to talk a lot about innovation, but we seldom look at why innovation doesn't happen. And by the way, this is me. Good to see you. And why are we talking about innovation in a moment, a moment like this? i Clayton Christensen, the guy who is essentially the author that most wrote about innovation and has codified the concepts around innovation, said that the breakthroughs in in any environment in any technology happen when the resources are most limited. One of the things that we've been talking about here in DMZ in the last couple of years, is how one of the biggest challenges that we have in the localization space is the lack of talent and the challenges that we have with identifying people to work in the industry. Oh, so I see that we're having some issue here with the slides. Okay. Are you seeing No, I don't see the slides moving. So I apologize. But let me see here what I can do. We had some issues. Yesterday, I apologize for this. Just a second. Okay. For two, I think and we didn't see that and Okay, no, I'm already in the third slide. So SB I'll stop sharing. Yeah. And share again. Window, and I apologize, you're probably going to see, okay, so good. This is my picture. Hi. It's the same person with different hair and without the glasses, and here it's where I'm talking about Clayton Christensen talking about that. Innovations.

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