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June 15, 2023

The AI Gold Rush in Localization



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Uncover how AI technologies are revolutionizing the localization landscape and explore the latest trends that will shape the future of the industry.

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Have you also noticed that suddenly there seems to be a lot of talk about artificial intelligence in our industry? Well, it might surprise you, but we have been predicting this moment for at least 60 years. I thought it would be funny to start the presentation with a recording from back in 1964 and see what science fiction writer Order C Clark predicted the future would hold. Back then. Or the most intelligent inhabitants of that future world won't be men or monkeys. They'll be machines, the remote descendants of today's computers. Now, the present day electronic brains are complete morons. This will not be true in another generation. They will start to think, and eventually they will completely outthink their makers. This is depressing. I don't see why it should be. We superseded the Promagnum and Neanderthal men, and we presume we're an improvement. I think we should regard it as a privilege to be stepping stones to hire things. I suspect that organic or biological evolution has about come to its end, and we're now at the beginning of. Inorganic or mechanical evolution, which will be thousands of times swifter. So I don't know what you you recognize Arthur C Clerk, but he's the author of the book 2001 A Space Odyssey, which was turned to a very famous film afterwards. In the last couple of months. It seems like the A I revolution has been on, doesn't it? It it dawned on me. It's a bit like the California Gold Rush of Yes year all of a sudden. What happened in the 19th century and what is currently going on in the tech space share some interesting parallels, albeit in vastly different context. Just like the Gold Rush sparked the frenzied migration of prospectors to California in search of gold, the A I revolution has ignited A frenzy among individuals, companies, and even countries to embrace and leverage artificial intelligence technologies. It it seems like everyone wants to get their hands on the gold of a I advancements. While in the Gold Rush, prospectors embarked on arduous journeys, often leaving their families behind to seek unimaginable wealth.
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