Natalia Kurysheva

Localization Project Manager at Agilent

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Being an experienced localization specialist and internationalization evangelist, I believe that the main goal of any Localization team is to drive excellence and innovation in order to maintain a close connection with stakeholders regardless of which language they speak. ♦ I have 15+ years of experience in localization (both vendor and client sides) including 7 years working as a project manager and team lead. ♦ During my journey I have developed pragmatic mindset as well as extraordinary organizational and communicational skills and became truly a team player. ♦ I constantly work on developing myself as a professional and try to keep an eye on all the latest technologies and developments in order to provide scaling and optimization of localization processes. ♦ Besides that, as I see that localization is becoming more and more technological I believe it is very important for localization project managers and specialists to develop technical expertise. Therefore, I devote most of my spare time to learning programming (Python).






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