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Remaking the mold for L&D development and delivery – Gen AI is just the glue

June 15, 5:39 PM
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Learn how Microsoft, SAP, and other major enterprises are changing the very mission and metrics of Learning to more directly support business objectives. Fueled by necessity (smaller budgets, fewer resources), L&D teams are shifting priority from content creation to a more collaborative model with product and business teams.


When I was invited to join this conference and this session, everyone is talking about AI and how AI is influencing L&D. When I received the invite, I was just coming from two full weeks of different conferences and participating as a panelist. I had absorbed so many different ideas that I brought to my own house, Microsoft, and that gave me time to reflect on where are we going. This session will be a part of my reflection throughout the last three to four weeks after absorbing tons of energy. Just a little bit of myself. The bio that Lloyd just shared, indeed, it was written by me, the first version, and the second one, I asked Chad GPT, hey, can you please make it prettier and funnier, and so therefore the trailblazing leader. It was a rehearsal on how to use it, and I think that most of us are now practicing every now and then with Chad GPT. The results are usually, if you make the right questions, you may get the right answers. I am not afraid of AI. I am not yet a huge fan of AI. I am a user, but I know that AI is changing, but everything around us is changing. Another thing that I would like to share with you, besides my bio being revisited and rewritten by Chad GPT, is that I am not a traditional talent leader. My background, I have a master in physics engineer, so my way of approaching learning is sometimes a little bit different from other people in my team. It brings diverse ways of thought and diverse ways of approaching problems, and I also have an executive master in positive psychology that is something that I try to use on a daily basis, both with my team and also in the programs that I lead globally. Costa Rica from China, I can tell you that it is really good. It gives you tons of experience on vocalization and how to run global programs. Just a little bit to understand, when can you sleep, when can you meet, when can you eat.

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