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June 15, 2023

Putting Localization at the Heart of Your Go-To-Market Strategy



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Localization is frequently seen as the last step in a global expansion or engagement strategy. Our speakers share compelling data - and persuasive techniques - for shifting the balance to a localization-first strategy

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You think some localization program can have actually negative or positive impact in go to market strategy? Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. First of all and the interest, Jean Luc, I think we get this question very often when we are involved in localization programs. Normally they are not the same thing Gordon Market strategy and localization. But they work much better if they happen together, ideally simultaneously at the same time. What often tends to happen is that go to market is a business process that decides the number of things and then localization happens at some point later, so localization can enable more reach. Bigger footprint for your go to market strategy. So much better if they're together and much better if you're working as a localization manager for example with your go to market or launch team. So you see your role also like working for example with the people creating the go to market strategies and then working hand in hand with them to help them, to guide them, you know to make sure that basically there's some integration between the two. The two strategy, localization strategy and also you go to market strategies are correct, they are. Yeah, ideally. That's usually the ideals in it ideally of course. So I love, I love Jenkins Smiley here doesn't exactly so. And then Jigo on the other side from there basically from the vendor side I mean so I know that you know not necessarily the the, the the your client might not necessarily consult you on on on the local strategies it also but what's your what are you what is your input on this on this topic. Well let me let me start by thanking you for having me here. Great to be here with Bear. I cannot but agree with what Bear said. I mean localization for us, as you mentioned, he is always, almost always an afterthought. So it's part of the market strategy was something that most of the customers think way down the line of their workflows. So we have been consulting lately. We are acting more and more as consultants for a customer. We tried to make them think, We tried to integrate with their marketing sales departments. We tried to offer other services as well. Our customer support integration again with sales and marketing, even market research. We've been working on a process project recently where we actually did the market research for the customer on the Italian market.
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