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October 27, 2022

Localization stories: Halloween Edition, get ready to be spooked


Panel discussion

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Boo! While Halloween is usually the time we like to have the most scares, this doesn't stop some real-life localization horrors from happening year-round. Prepare to be aghast and have a chuckle about some localization horror stories that are all too relatable.

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Iti Sahai 00:06 Thank you for such a warm introduction and such a warm welcome. And the wonderful soundtrack that she played to set the mood and set the context for this conversation. And I'm so glad to be here. But welcome to all the audience members who are joining us from all over the world. What a great turnout at load talk this this afternoon for me, I'm joining you from Austin, Texas. And I'm very excited to present this panel session to you. My name is Iti and I'd be your moderator this afternoon. For localization stories, the Halloween edition Ooh, spooky. So keeping the holiday spirit in mind with Halloween just around the corner, it's just fitting that we bring you some you know, with the spooky season, some spooky stories as well as we gather around this virtual sort of fire campfire if you would, and share our experiences and and you know for the localization folks, more importantly, apart from just these spooky tales. Hopefully, they will leave you with a sense of fright and scare but more importantly, some lessons learned and key takeaways that you can avoid, you know in your journeys as you as you develop and create that aspect of your careers. And it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my friends and panelists today. First we have Alex, Alex is the globalization enablement lead at Shopify, and she's been been with the company for over five years, and has worn many hats in the process. In her current role, she leads a team that is responsible for partnering with all areas of business and provide teams with strategic and technical guidance on globalization and she'll be sharing stories from the buyer perspective with us. So welcome, Alex. Thank you, Ethan, really excited to be here. Thank you. And next up, we have yada yada is the community manager at Creative words, which is a fast growing and forward looking LSP based in Italy, she joined creative words in 2020, bringing solid experience and vendor management built while working at one of the industry's big players. And she's responsible for vendor related strategy nurturing the relationships with companies network of freelancers from the recruitment, engagement, performance monitoring and community building and Gara. Today we'll be sharing her stories from the vendor perspective. So welcome, Jada. Thank you, Edie. And thank you smarter for having me here. Hi, Alex. So glad to have you. And next we have Marina. Marina is a localization consultant has worked as a localization publisher in the past for a few LSPs and recent years as a localization manager and consultant for a large education Corporation.
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