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October 27, 2022

Localization Scaling Strategies for B2B Organizations



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There’s always something new to learn about B2B localization, and our speaker, Jose Palomares from Coupa Software, will share some scaling strategies that could revamp and revitalise your current localization and translation program.

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Jose Palomares 00:06 For a presentation, I packed a lot of things into like 20 minutes. Like I said, it was great to be invited to do this. And we were talking about, like, what it is that I can share that we usually don't hear about. It came in conversation that, you know, I have, like, move on to, like, b2b for the last part of my career. And I have like, discovered, I had to like unlearn a lot of things. And I had to question my beliefs on how localization work. So the things that I have been like in previous events and presentations in the past, just like advocating for, I have to eat some of that. And just like adapt to the reality of like b2b scenarios, I thought it would be interesting to share some pointers on like how that b2b experience has been different. So So me, what's the bottom line is I am the head of localization at Koopa, if you don't know Koopa, it's, it's an enterprise platform to manage how you spend money to know where the money goes. And, you know, it's very popular nowadays with like, localization, basically, a lot of like, all companies are like, issuing their POS and then they're sent to vendors. And then they get like process paid. in an automatic way, there's a million things about the product, I invite you to like, learn about more. And more today, I have like a full agenda of things that we're going to cover, you will see that there is like an excess of information in some of the slides, we will be sharing those slides. So please, don't don't be overwhelmed by hopefully, we just get to everything. So takeaways from this lock talk should be business needs. There are specific to b2b, and how you need to adapt like your strategy. Sometimes, maybe not all the time. But sometimes you need to do things differently to support a b2b business case, best practices that I was told, and that I had, like preached in the past and that I had to like unlearn or just like question at every step of the way, both in my current role and my previous role working with like many different companies. So before I did, I was like on the buyer side, what I am right now, I was on the vendor side for many years. And were there you were, like, interact with a lot of people. And through that, I got a little bit of like practices, like What have you said, is really motivating these folks, and how that is conflicted with like, what I thought it was the right way to do things. So we're gonna we're gonna look at like some of the traits that are like different and how to adapt. And then I'm gonna give you like a few pointers. Considering like the time that we have available, try to give you some pointers, some very small snippets of ideas to make your practice evolve in the right direction.
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