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June 15, 2023

Leveraging GenAI Hype to Raise Visibility for Localization Teams



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Localization teams frequently feel unheard and undervalued. Not any more! With the rise of tools like ChatGPT and AI translation, localization teams have been presented with an unprecedented opportunity to step into the limelight and help steer the AI path for their organization. Here's how to make the most of the opportunity.

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So what Alice and I are going to cover today is we've been obviously tracking a lot of stuff related to generative AI or you'll hear us refer to it as Gen. AI. So we want to talk about what how enterprise localization teams are fielding these requests. And we also want to share some advice about how teams can actually use that hype around, you know, all the stuff about AI to raise their visibility. So I know, Allison, you've got tons of questions for me. So let's go asking the first one. Yeah. Yeah, lots of questions. So let's start with what's top of mind the enterprise localization teams right now when it comes to Gen. AI. And all of that hype around the tools that are available to the public. And it's not just a secret tool anymore. Everybody's trying. To do it for sure. So we're finding for one thing is that they're actually trying to figure out what their role is. So in other words, should they be advocating the use of AI in general for translation or other things related to multi linkable content and everything international? Some are saying no, we want to kind of put the brakes on it, not necessarily be naysayers, but get people to really realize what they're dealing with here. And then other teams are saying no, we're trying to stay as neutral as we possibly can about it. So in addition, obviously they're tracking a lot of stuff and trying to figure out, you know, how they respond and what they will do. I think the other thing we heard from companies or are hearing from companies is they're really trying to sort of push back against a lot of the misconceptions, especially as it relates to multilingual content. So I say that and then trying to monitor the fire hose of not only the information but the actual tools coming out for AI as well. So that's what we see the people trying to do right now. Yeah. And what are some of? Those misconceptions that that you're hearing about, yeah, I done poor business press and mainstream it's it's hard for them to keep up with this and and really explain it and lay people's terms as well. So the two that we're hearing, I think the biggest ones are, OK, this Gen. A I or ChatGPT, whatever you want to call it, can translate into all languages. So why aren't we just, you know, getting rid of our services and going forward with that? And I think almost everybody probably in our audience today understands why. And that's because there's not enough training data. What we're finding is that yes, there's stuff for English and perhaps Chinese and then some major foreign European languages, but that's it in terms of really getting these engines up and running. The second thing is that Gen. A I actually copies the content and the images and therefore is breaking copyright laws. And it's important for people to understand that's not really what's happening with these engines that have been developed in the technology it and jump in if I get this wrong, Allison, but my.
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