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June 15, 2023

Interactive Mindfulness and Breathwork session



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My name is Ana Schwatz. I'm a mindfulness based coach from Berlin. So in my time zone, it's 05:00 p.m.. Right now. For me, it's rather the afternoon, the end of the day, almost. I'm very excited to see some faces or not see some faces, but to read some names, at least to know that some of you are participating and probably in need for a mindfulness break doesn't make me so happy that there is a need, but it makes me happy that you're actually taking the time, because I think this is always the most challenging. Right. When we feel like, okay, things are maybe overwhelming. And probably they are because we have limited time. And then to take the decision, to actually take the time and to dedicate some time and resources into mindfulness is a great decision, and I want to congratulate you for that. So thank you so much for joining in and probably. You have had already a long day, depending on where you're sitting right now, where you're based. Maybe you just started into the day, but you already had a lot of input from some very inspiring sessions. And I want to invite you to take a break together, to take a break for body but also for mind, so we can recharge and also have more space for more content and to also be more creative in a way that we take that content in and applied. So since we're already staring at the screen a lot of time in our lives, I want to invite you to do some exercises for the eyes. And for that just take your hands and rub your palms together and you can really take some time for that. Maybe while you do that, you can also allow the shoulders to just drop down, maybe exhale a little bit longer and then when feel like there's some heat increasing inside of your palms, you close your eyes and bring the palms onto your eyes and just close your. For a moment, allow the shoulders to hang and lose. Maybe you can also relax your jaw and sigh it out and maybe even apply some gentle pressure with your palms onto your eyes. Just as long as it feels good and relaxing for you. That helps to increase the blood flow into the eyes. That helps the eyes to recharge and to not dry out. Then take one more deep breath in and a long breath out again. And then very gently lift your hands off the eyes and just take a moment to very gently blink your eyes open again. Close. Sam.
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