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October 27, 2022

How to Maximize Relationships in the Linguistic Supply Chain


Panel discussion

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Managing relationships is a key skill that is of great importance in the translation industry, and honing it takes practice! Learn from our expert panel on how organizations can create meaningful, value-based, and mutually beneficial relationships.

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Rodrigo Cristina 00:05 Well, I'll start by, you know, good old Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever, wherever you are, wherever you are, that are watching and listening to us. I hope you're having a great time and that you continue to have a great time and enjoy the high quality sessions and, and great and high caliber lineup that we have here in the event as per usual. Before we start our discussion and intros, let me thank SmartCAT for the invitation. And again, it seemed for putting over and over an excellent event. And I feel that that's going to happen with this one, as well. So as the panels are shorter this year, so will be my introduction. So sorry about that. I'll start by me. My name is Rodrigo. I've been in the industry for 17 years and I work for Argos Multilingual, I work for them within the European enterprise growth team. A fun fact about me, I think kind of a bit of spoiler alert is that this is my sixth time here. So I consider myself a SmartCAT events record holder, speaker and moderator celebrate myself celebrate this this occasion I sent myself the the Amazon gift card. Let us now move on to a more serious topic, which is the introduction to the stars of the show the panelists. So in no particular order, we have Carrie to Rito localization team lead at Zendesk who's been in leadership for almost a decade. A fun fact about Carrie is that your your first trip to France, you are the coffee saying the cafe is proof of work. And the proof of war was with a French accent, like forever. That's when she decided to she had to properly learn French at some point in her life. Secondly, Julia Greco. She's the localization programs lead at Shopify, and has been working in localization for 10 years. She's one of the most visible faces of the industry. She's a regular speaker in plenty of localization events. And a fun fact about her is that I think all of us have challenges pronouncing some words. Julia took years to learn how to pronounce properly the word licorice in English, so I can't pronounce it myself. Not sure how you would get along good Julia in Scandinavia given the mass consumption of the herbal delicatessen. And last but not least, we have Ingrid Christensen, founder and CEO of inco, an author of the language of trust, a supercurrent tropic topic, Ingrid founded inco 16 years ago, so that's more or less the time that she's been working within the industry.
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