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October 27, 2022

How to empower localization services in your company



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Axel-Marc Nianga 00:05 Nice to meet you everyone. So yes, my, the subject that I chose was mostly how to employ localization services in your company, we have 20 minutes. So it's not all answers. It's just like suggestions, and also what I personally faced in the different company where I went to. So let's start. So, first, we present you what are the goals of these presentations were context and we will play a little roll game at V. And so first of all, for me, what are most of the main goals of these presentations and the main goals of localization ads in all big company or international company, or a company that are seeking to internationalized is like, right in your company. The first goal for localization is to make work understandable, understandable by all the departments when I what I mean by over department, I mean, marketing teams, comms teams, product teams, use acquisitions, Team designs team, always team that have a blurry experience or just to not know what localization is really. So just in terms of content, and context, and mostly all companies actually actually present presenting the internationalization to the press or to their teams, when we start to say, Okay, we are going to focus on Europe, we are going to focus on Africa and on like hubback, or Latin, we're always saying like designing a global marketing strategy around localization leads to more successful campaign and gives you a distinctive edge over your competitors. And that's very true. And that's mostly the best pitch of all the big companies, but I've been internationalized the strategy and where markets all over the world. But there is, for me a little paradox in it and the biggest paradox is like, why do this international company understand the internationalization as a concept and as the needs and values or need of localization in it, but still do not understand the real localization, purpose and natural and this is mostly what all of us as localization Eds are wondering...
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