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How to Convince Your Boss That Localization Can be a Profit Center

October 27, 5:39 PM
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Sick and tired of loc team expenses seen as costs next to rent and office supplies? Find out what you can do about it by hijacking the conversation! In the presentation, you will learn how to enlist C-suite cooperation, recruit other departments to your cause, methods to gather case-backing data, and more! Advice that will make all the difference to your loc endeavors!


Max Troyer 00:05
So as Loie said, I teach the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. I'm in the translation and localization management program or TLM. And my, my career in the localization industry started out kind of as a, I was a project manager at a midsize localization agency. And as reflected in the courses I teach, I've done a lot of localization, engineering and kind of the multi lingual desktop publishing and audio visual roles. I've never actually had a job on the buyer side of the industry. But I have talked to hundreds of TLM graduates and many in the industry. And often they tell me how things are going. Sometimes I hear horror stories. And I do have to say if any of you are horrified, they do this in a very delicate way without violating NDAs. Almost universally, folks say that getting respect as a localizer takes a lot of work. And as, as we all know, on this call, we choose this industry because we are passionate about the idea of building bridges between cultures. And we don't always have the fat paychecks that we deserve. So in this presentation, I'm going to try to help you determine if your localization team is valued, convince you why you want to be a profit center, maybe give you some tips for how you can turn the tables and when I'm done. Hopefully, we'll have some time for some q&a and we can crowdsource some great ideas and also in an earlier presentation, in Arles presentation, it dawned on me here not all buyers side progress project or program managers I think we have a mix of well, I know some of my students are present today. I know there are probably a lot of translators, freelance translators project managers on the LSP side project managers on the buyer side so in many ways I want you to kind of in real time, convert everything I say from from your point of view picture from your point of view and I also realize there might be bosses here as well. And so if you are a boss, why why do you want your team to be a profit center? I think I think it all it all is kind of related. So all right, this is my my welcome slide and I'm using a zoom feature where it can put my face and I would love for zoom to add like triggers so I can like put my face over over my profile picture. But anyway, all right, let's get started.

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