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June 15, 2023

How to Operationalize AI Ethics in the Face of Pending Legislation?



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Anna will explore the challenges of integrating AI ethics amidst pending legislation. Attendees will gain insights into practical strategies, legal obligations, and real-world examples, enabling them to navigate the evolving landscape of AI ethics and ensure responsible localization practices in their organizations.

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So, hi everyone, and we give you a thumbs up that you see our slides, I hope you do. So my name is Anna. I'm a head of ethics and partnerships at Trispeech, it's an Emmy award winning voice cloning company. We are based in Ukraine. So, just like, of course, I will talk about generative AI, audiovisual generative AI, and how ethics is implemented, how it works, what it is, because we're managing what is generative AI, what is synthetic media, what is deep play, and firstly, of course, we'll have to push through some terminology, and on example of speech for how it works, I will share some insight. So, briefly about Trispeech or what it does about myself, I have 10 years experience in security defense policies, and then I joined Tech World, building counter information tools, and then joined artificial intelligence, audiovisual generative AI that directly affects information ecosystem. So how to make those tools and the technology safe enough to maximize its use in the entertainment industry and localization. You've been probably discussing this industry a lot today, but not only in cybersecurity, healthcare is where we implementing already voice cloning. So at Trispeech we already received an Emmy award for the event of disaster for the creating voice of Nixon, so there are any statutes actually in our office. But let's go back about terminology, what is generative AI, what is synthetic media, and what is deep fake. You probably have heard a lot about deep fake from news and media, but the direct terminology of that is that manipulated digital content by the means of machine learning and artificial intelligence is intent to deceive and manipulate. So quite often, deep fake has its negative connotation, that's why the industry doesn't use it that much. Synthetic media, on contrary, has a way broader approach to understanding digital content that is manipulated by artificial intelligence that can be text, it can be audio, it can be video, it can be voice. And generative AI already includes not only audiovisual, but language models. So I hope this helps you a bit and you can post maybe in questions whether it's new for you or not, whether you perceive it only as deep fakes, only synthetic media is the same as generative AI, but I hope I briefly explain it to you.
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