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How Smartcat AI Fuels Multilingual L&D Course Delivery at Scale for Brink’s

June 5, 8:43 AM
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Brink’s, a global cash handling and security leader, leverages Smartcat AI to deliver multilingual learning content on a massive scale to thousands of employees around the globe.

In this invite-only session, hosted by Andrew Federici, Smartcat VP of Marketing, and Mark Stauffer, Senior Manager, Global Learning and Development at Brink’s, you’ll learn:

• How to manage the edit and review workflows for optimal results
• How to know that AI translation is truly meaningful and high-quality
• When to adapt the process to address internal or external considerations

Plus, Mark will deliver a hands-on demonstration of Smartcat AI and dig into specific use cases at Brink’s, showcasing the power and flexibility of the platform for course creation and distribution.

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Webinar Q&A

Q: How do you deal with security when using AI for translation for your internal training? Where and how is it stored and used?

A: We are a SOC2 compliant organization and store data according to regional requirements. This ensures flexibility in meeting your specific needs.

Q: How does Smartcat vet (background) check their Marketplace resources?

A: So, we have a number of checks and balances to vet our linguists and ensure they are appropriate. This is an ongoing process, evaluating their track record and performance. These checks and balances ensure they deliver what you need. The AI will then display the most relevant and specific linguists for you. It anonymously analyzes the content you need to translate and matches it with past content trends, edits, and reviews. This is something even a human can't do.

Q: What was the average cost per word translation, say for 10,000 words?

A: Please follow up with us at marketing@smartcat.ai on that.

Q: Do PDFs and PNGs come back in the same file format, does content need readjusting if the wording is longer in a different language, go from the right in Arabic?

A: PNGs won't translate directly because they are graphic files. Unless you have the original file, whether it's Illustrator, Photoshop, or another program, the text must be in text format. Currently, you can upload a PNG, and it will return a Word document with the text, but you'll need to go back to the original file and copy and paste the translated text. Essentially, it performs a screen scrape of the graphic to find and translate the words, but it won't give you a translated PNG.

PDF files, on the other hand, are not a problem. They come back translated, but you might need to adjust the sizing. Handling right-to-left text can be an issue. While PDFs generally work properly, it depends on whether the native format supports right-to-left languages. I found out early that Rise does not handle right-to-left languages, which is frustrating because we work with Hebrew and Arabic. Therefore, I can't use Rise courses as they don’t display these languages correctly.

For Smartcat, remember it only translates the words. In the review cycle, the text will appear correctly right-to-left in the Smartcat interface. However, when you import the text back into your program, it might not display correctly if that program doesn't support right-to-left text.

Q: What is the pricing for the Marketplace resources?

A: Please follow up with us at marketing@smartcat.ai on that.

Q: Do you have a rate card by language?

A: Please follow up with us at marketing@smartcat.ai on that.

Q: Is French Canadian (Québécois) a language option offered by Smartcat?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: I'm very interested to know how the AI engine learns. Is this automatic? i.e. does it learn automatically from the manual post-editing process?

A: Yes, it learns automatically from every edit your team makes. That's why having more people on the platform is beneficial. With unlimited seats, the system can learn more from your collective knowledge and maintain consistency.

Q: Can Smartcat translate Canva or Adobe Illustrator files?

A: That’s not an option yet.

Q: In Brink’s demo, you showed videos translated with subtitles. Curious to learn why you did not choose AI dubbing.

A: We are launching the self-service AI dubbing in 2 weeks. This will be available in the product before the end of June. It's AI dubbing in as many languages as we translate, which is over 250.