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June 15, 2023

How Can Generative AI (Positively) Transform Our Careers?



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Many immigrants feel the strong need to blend in, to lose their accents and assimilate as quickly as possible. In this session we encourage you to think differently - to see your cultural and linguistic roots as your superpower. You can use it to help organizations understand themselves better, perform more effectively on the global stage, and achieve higher levels of employee satisfaction and performance.

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I don't know if you saw the the Star Trek movie. There's a scene on the Vulcan planet where the young Vulcans are in these things called the Vulcan Learning Center, and they're these skill domes that are kind of set into the ground. And there are these 360 degree wraparound displays and the system is obviously automatically adapting to how smart these young Vulcans are and is is explaining things to them using some kind of fictional intelligent A I and that was maybe like 10 years ago when I saw that scene. And I just thought, Oh my gosh, that would be so cool to have that in our world. But I thought it would never be possible. And you know, really we're kind of halfway there with adaptive education and training such as the the Khan Academy, which just uses algorithms to challenge learners with more complicated materials as they're ready for this. And just before I move on, I love, I love that Vulcan Learning Center so much. But now with the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro, I'm pretty sure learners will be wearing goggles instead of 360 degree wraparound screens. But if if any of you are onboarding new hires or teaching, in my case, I think that this generative AI, the large language models ChatGPT. We're going to see systems very soon that can lecture, recommend additional readings, provide tutoring for when folks have questions, even allow role-playing through experimentation and so many training related functions that are just kind of painful to to organize if you're if you're a parent and you have a young person. My kids are a little bit older now but they all went through that why phase where they ask why over and over and over. And I I once read in a parenting book that kids are asking why over and over to try to get information about a complex world and I kind of laughed because GPT doesn't get tired. You you can ask as many times as you want. And if you if you if you're hiring new people and new hires get into this rut where they are afraid to ask questions because they don't want to look foolish, I always tell my students there's no such thing as as a stupid question, But there are there is such a thing as a stupid question. We all, we all know that.
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