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Building a Centralized Localization Team in Video Gaming and Ensuring its Success

October 27, 5:39 PM
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Video game localization is a craft of its own and requires whole new layers that go above and beyond the “normal” loc process. In this session, you will learn how to build a winning centralized localization team that will allow gaming companies to scale and succeed with global audiences.


Adolfo Gomez-Urda 00:06
Hello, everyone. So yes, I've been the head of the localization department here at Warner Brothers for three years. So I'm not going to take the credit for these team. My predecessor, Philip jutaan, was who kind of implement he was the one who implemented this model. And that was I was the first member of this team, though, almost 10 years ago. And he joined me a few months later. So yeah, we've been here for around 10 years.

Colman Murphy 00:41
Adolfo, can I just pause you a moment if you would? switch screens it looks like you've got your slide timing screen up. Okay, my sick. Perfect.

Adolfo Gomez-Urda 00:57
Is that better? Does that work? All right. So we wouldn't be where we are, of course, we thought these wonderful team. I here in Warner Brothers montrail. We have myself. We have four requests from PMS, one translation PM, one our QA pm one technical authorization specialist. We also have team have been sourced localization employees, and visa one source localization PM 12 in source translators, three in source Tokyo leads and 36 in source QA testers, we also have a guy working with us who's not here, Montreal, but he, he deals with you know, he's kind of the bridge for all the localization vo work, so all the audio that we localize into several languages. So this is my wonderful team. It looks like it's a very big team. But if you look at all the projects, the amount of projects we've been working on, for example, this past two years, we've been working on backfill Grodd Suicide Squad called Samnites over its legacy multiverses these are the console games we've been working on recently. But we also work on mobile titles. So some of these are live. Some of these are about to be released. There's Game of Thrones conquest, Harry Potter magic awakened Mortal Kombat and justice to this legends level of Star Wars battles. And Mortal Kombat onslaught, who's gonna release is going to releasing 20 2003 Besides all these games, we also work on other external assets like trailers, some gaming websites, and in the past 10 years, we've localized around 30 games or a bit over 30 games. I think we're still around 32. So it, teams seem big, right...

Colman Murphy 01:02

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