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Meet Smartcat at ATD24 in New Orleans

May 19, 5:39 PM
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Learn how global companies including the Fortune 1000 improve course roll out with instant multilingual content generation and translation using Smartcat AI.

ATD International Conference & Expo (ICE), New Orleans
May 19-22, 2024
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Come see Smartcat Live on Stage on May 22, 9:10am

ATD Smartcat

As global learning teams adopt AI-based solutions to accelerate learning content development, it's critical to leverage existing corporate knowledge and employ a system that will continuously learn from your employees' ever-expanding intelligence.

In this session, you'll learn about Smartcat's unique GenAI Learning Content solution that harnesses the entirety of your corporate knowledge and continuously learns from the inputs of your global teams, ensuring that your learning materials are always relevant and on message.

Any type of learning content, in any language

How to create any learning content in any language - full courses, micro-learnings, videos, quizzes and more - through GenAI

Get the most out of your existing learning assets

How to organize and capitalize on your existing global content assets

GenAI that learns from your content and edits

How Smartcat.ai continuously learns from your teams' input so your learning content is always up to date and on message

A global leader in enterprise AI content generation


for ease of setup


ease of use


global corporate clients


of the Fortune 500

Come learn about AI learning content translation and generation