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AI in the Here and Now – Emerging Trends

October 27, 5:39 PM
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AI and machine translation aren't new, but we've only scratched the surface of what’s possible. In the panel, the speakers will discuss the latest innovations, how companies can utilize the technology even more, how to keep up to date with the latest advancements, as well as balance the human vs machine component.


Igor Afanasayev 0:07
Hi, everyone. So today we have two wonderful panelists, which is Derek Firedog Hello, sorry if I mispronounced your name, and Yosef Kapowski. I'll read through the BIOS because they are. There's so much to cover and I could not memorize this. Anyhow. So, Derek, has always had a passion for languages and technology and after pursuing a degree in translation, he began his career in the night assistant, you know how software translator helping establish translations for new terms like right click and save as for work perfect, perfect. After pursuing an MBA, he went on, he went on to work for several LSPs like iron telecom and land bridge. And in the first one and turn on the events, he was able to combine his love for languages Business and Technology, when he joined several startups that were pioneering the use of AI and speech recognition in multiple languages. And as a director of international product development for Nuance Communications, he'll IT teams that worked on the technology behind Siri in 30 plus languages. He now leads localization efforts for Harvard Business Review, where he gets to experiment with the latest AI technology to bring the top business management content to the world, in many languages. Wow. Thank you, Derrick, for joining us today. Thank you. The next panelist is Yosef Kapowski. And in his 19 years in the language industry, he has have has developed outstanding business acumen after receiving a degree in International Relations. Joseph for years have worked his way up from Sales Manager position in original translation company to branch manager then moving to an international multilingual vendor, and eventually becoming head of sales at a technology company where he managed worldwide sales team of 27 people so today as of uses his unique blend of language tech and sales skills to help new partners pursue business excellence and growth years of is always happy to share his experience and it is is a welcome aboard.

Josef Kubovský 2:08
Thank you. You're Isn't it always a little bit strange to listen to your own acumen and you feel like oh my god, what am I even doing this? You're doing here? Very nice to meet you. Thank you very much for having me. Derek. Great to see you here on the panel. I hope I will have enough to say because I we've been talking in the past for about many things that you guys do and and having so many achievements with your, your career. It's a it's an honor to be part of this panel. Thank you very much.

Derick Fajardo 2:39
Good to see you again as well. Joseph looking forward to the conversation.

Igor Afanasayev 2:44
Yeah, and the topic is super exciting for me, especially because I also work with one of my teams on some AI stuff here at Smartcat. So, though I'm not you know to technically deepen this is still a see so much opportunity in what the technology brings to our industry.

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