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June 15, 2023

AI in Real-Time B2B Communication: Exploring Possibilities



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Real-time B2B communication with the power of AI transforms business interactions with automation, personalization, and data-driven insights. Countless new opportunities emerge as AI reshapes the B2B landscape, empowering businesses for success.

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Fardad Zobetian, I'm based in New York. So here is around just right after noon and 1230. Very happy to be here. I am co-founder and CEO of KUDO. We are a language technology company with a global footprint. But as I said, I really want to go back where everything started for me and share with you a bit of a personal journey. I think there's always a moment that you decide how you want to spend most of your adult life. And this moment goes back to me when I was seven years old. So this is me and my sister back in Tehran, where I grew up, capital of Iran. It was 1979 when at the first grade, basically Iraq invades Iran. And for me, this was quite an experience being the longest war in 20th century. Many kids lost their fathers on both sides. And for me, constantly trying until I was like 16 years old, follow the news on TV about whether the UN is going to pass the resolution. I still remember the number 598. There were years of debate. And I was fascinated listening to these debates when they were speaking in different languages and how really language and diplomacy worked at the time and really how language brought peace to me, my sister, my family after pretty much eight years of a war. So this is really kind of a was the main driver for me to really understand the importance of language. So the very first company I started with MediaVision, which as soon as I moved to US and finished my grad school, I started the company MediaVision, really focused on diplomacy technology, really looking at my lighthouse of the UN. But to get there, I needed to do a lot of work. So here on these two pictures, you see many of the projects that I worked prior to KUDO on such as the
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