More flexibility with our WPML connector

We’ve got great news for our WordPress/WPML integration users. Now you can translate just a few posts or pages instead of a whole website. When setting up a new integration, select the pages or posts you want to translate in the Translation Scope tab. These will be localized and pushed back to your website when the next sync is run.

And there's more! Our integration now also lets you translate more custom fields.  As a reminder, Smartcat already integrates with the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin, probably the most widely used WordPress extension for adding custom fields to blog posts.

Now, we also support the CMB2 plugin, another popular solution for this purpose. To translate the metadata or any other custom field, just select them in the same Translation Scope tab.

But you don’t have to translate any custom fields at all if you don’t want to. Just set your translation scope accordingly. 

With these updates, you’ll be able to prioritize your website content updates on the fly and keep an eye on your local SEO too!

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A step-by-step guide to website localization

A step-by-step guide to website localization

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