Meet the brand new Smartcat UX with role-based user experience

The days when a user was required to create and maintain multiple accounts in order to manage projects or perform routine translation tasks are now gone. You can choose any role after login and then switch to another role with literally one click.

After login, you are tactfully reminded of your current role by the notification in the top-right corner:

Clicking on this notification opens the role selector allowing you to either proceed with your current role or switch to another role, whichever is more relevant at the moment.

Clicking Choose in the Simple user tile transports you to the workspace where all your translation tasks are shown with just the right amount of detail: name, creation date, completion level, source and target languages, the number of files, and the respective amount of words and segments.

Selecting an existing task prompts you to proceed working on it using the editor or to enable automatic translation:

Alternatively, you can launch a new task by clicking Create a new translation.

You can also invite teammates to lend you a hand with any task by selecting this option from a drop-down list:

If you are assigned to some projects as Project Manager, you can start handling them by switching to the corresponding role and finding yourself in a workspace with the advanced set of features. To do it, click on I’m an individual in the top-left corner and select Manager from the role selector:

If you want to be among the first to test-drive our new platform, feel free to reach out to our customer support team:

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