Leave comments literally anywhere to improve results on an even more granular level!

When it comes to translation accuracy, comments can play a big role to communicate the needs and requirements of each translation. They may contain reference, context, background information, doing a great deal to clarify any ambiguity and make translators more productive and their work more precise.

They are also essential when it comes to evaluating translation quality. That’s why we added structured commenting. This functionality will help you keep your translation team on the same page.

What is structured commenting?

You simply select the element in the source or target text that you would like to annotate and type in your comment in free form or add a label. 

  • There’s no limit to the element size, you can comment on anything from a segment to a character, so it’s always clear what the comment refers to.

  • You can create your own labels or use the readily available quality assurance templates to report errors.

  • The information about each comment, its time and the author is always at hand in the segment comments section.

We hope that structured commenting will help your linguists and project managers to better communicate on our platform and quicker resolve potential issues.

Check out our documentation for more details.