Your Smartwords usage history always at hand

Smartwords is what lets you tap into the true power of automation enabled by Smartcat AI technology, which includes automatic high-quality translations with industry-leading machine translation engines, smart collaborative workflows, translation memories, personalized glossaries, AI sourcing from our Marketplace 500,000+ linguists, automated payments, and more! Keep track of how much Smartwords you've spent towards automating all your translation processes for faster, better results.

Now, you can view your Smartwords usage history, which works a lot like your transaction history. Just go to the Smartwords usage tab and choose the time period to see how many Smartwords you spent per day/month/year, which project they went to, and how many you have left.

It's especially useful if you run several projects in multiple workspaces as it lets you: 

  • Top up your Smartwords balance before it runs out or activate Flex Smartwords

  • Instantly download Smartwords usage reports for the selected period

  • Keep up with your team’s Smartwords demand

With Smartwords History at your fingertips! 

Smartwords is how YOU and your team can get Smartcat AI technology to increase speed, turnaround time, quality, and just more efficiency across the board. 

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