Reinvent your translation environment with new customizable Smartcat editor

The new Editor is designed to create a serene, uncluttered environment that helps you stay focused on your work. All the functionality you've gotten used to has remained untouched, more useful and powerful features based on our customers' feedback have been added, but the Editor looks surprisingly clean and almost transparent.

To enable you to tailor the look-and-feel to your liking, we've made it customizable through various attributes. You can turn on Compact Mode that will reduce the row width, fitting many more segments into one screen; you can decide whether to show segment borders or whether to apply shading to alternate rows.

The icons in main toolbar will remain unassumingly hidden until you click on the leftmost icon to display them.

You can switch between the project files, the languages, and even between projects (yes, you've heard it right) by selecting them from the corresponding drop-list in the breadcrumbs on top of the page.

The file you are working on can be downloaded in various formats and in different shapes and forms. You can retrieve the original version, intermediate results, or the final translation, and the variety of download flavors is truly impressive:

To bring your undivided attention to the current translation segment, it is delicately but noticeably highlighted.

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A step-by-step guide to website localization

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