Importing multiple jobs for payment

You can conveniently download our template by navigating to Supplier Payments > Add Supplier Job > Bulk import multiple jobs, clicking Import, and then clicking Download.

The template is merely a table consisting of multiple columns. Their number should not intimidate you - all of them are self-explanatory and you can always refer to our documentation for their detailed descriptions. Among the required job details are:

  • Supplier's email address and full name

  • The service provided by the supplier

  • The job’s source and target languages

  • The billable unit type

  • The amount of units in the job and the rate per unit

  • The start and end dates, and more

When the spreadsheet is complete with your suppliers' job details, return to the Choose file to upload page and upload the file back into Smartcat.

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A step-by-step guide to website localization

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