Export Videos with Burned-in Subtitles Instantly!

This is excellent news for teams using Smartcat! Now, you can download your video files with the subtitles burned right in. No more having to edit subtitles into each language version of a video afterward, saving you time and resources!

Teams can save hours of work and get videos released faster to their global audiences

When you upload your videos in one source language and translate them with automatic AI translation and/or with linguists from our Marketplace, you can download the subtitles burned right into the videos! 

Previously, your team may have had to use third-party editing tools to manually add subtitles for each video afterward. This probably meant sending it to a videographer or having to do it yourself.

Now, You no longer need to manually edit/add subtitles to every language version of your videos. You can get all videos integrated with translated subtitles on a single platform, with no added work involved.

It’s just one less step in your content production process. With Smartcat, it’s done automatically, at the click of a button.

Try our click-through tutorial below to see how video subtitle translation and export works. 

How does it work?

Select Translate document or Start a project from the Smartcat shortcuts 

  1. Upload your video or audio file (we support all industry-standard formats) and select your languages

  2. Select Translate to extract your subtitles from your video or audio files

  3. Edit and verify translations in the Smartcat Editor with a Live Preview of subtitles, either by your team of linguists or in-house experts

  4. Download all translated video and audio files with burned-in subtitles at once!

Learn more about translating video files in our Help Center article.

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