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Tihomir Bodurski

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Translation services

English  —
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Bulgarian Native language

Arts and culture Aviation and space Banking and investment Biology Automotive business Architecture Annual reports

Personal Details

Bulgaria, Sofia, 12:28 am
Native language
Work experience
5 years 9 months
About me
Been in Translation for more then 5 years. Highly passioned about getting the job done . Motivated to earn my credit with hard work. Worked in many fields and industries which helped me adjust my translation skills for all kinds of industries and industry-related texts.


University of National and World Economy

  • 2018
  • Bulgaria
  • Bachelor
  • International Affairs

Work experience

Freelancer in Working As A Freelancer in Translation
from 2015 to Present
-Translation of various text in different area subjects from English To Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English.


Health and beauty Blog

  • 2018

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document Health and beauty Blog