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Przemyslaw Kasiorek

419 k words

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Translation services

English  — Polish Native language

Marketing, advertising and PR Software Website General Food and drinks IT and telecom Medicine

Translation services

Polish Native language  — English

Gaming Marketing, advertising and PR Products and catalogs Software Website Correspondence Electrical engineering

Personal Details

Poland, Poznan, 05:54 pm
Native language
Work experience
6 years 9 months
About me
Professionally involved into tech since 2011. During several years it turned out that there is an enormous need of translation across many IT projects, including websites, apps and its documentation. Variety of specializations are the result of cooperation with diverse companies and their various professions.


The Samuel Bogumił Linde College of Modern Languages

  • 2014
  • Poland
  • Bachelor
  • Business IT, Translation

Work experience

Growth Hacker and Interpreter in FIBARO
from 2017 to Present
maintaining online growth for fibaro.com, implementing new languages for the official FIBARO website


Sheirt.pl webiste translation

  • 2016

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document Sheirt.pl webiste translation

leanhospitals.pl website

  • 2015

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document leanhospitals.pl website