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Lily Slutsky

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Translation services

Hebrew  — Spanish Native language
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • Spanish (Spain)

Translation services

Spanish Native language  — Hebrew

Translation services

English  — Spanish Native language
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • Spanish (Spain)

Personal Details

Israel, Kefar Vradim, 07:56 pm
Native language
Work experience
12 years 9 months
About me
I studied Translation into Spanish at the Amsterdam School of Translation and Interpretation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and hold a Spanish Business Correspondence Diploma since 1984.  
I find it always exciting to be able to transfer to the target language  the exact message meant in the source language, making sure it reads just as if it was originally written in in this language. I translate having the final reader in mind, making sure he'll ...


Tolk Vertalers Centrum Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 1984
  • Netherlands
  • Spanish Business Correspondence.

Eilat College, Israel

  • 2001
  • Israel
  • Bookkeeping

Work experience

Owner in Tirgumim Lily Slutsky
from 2008 to Present
Freelance translator