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Marinus Kruissen

38 k words

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Translation services

German  — Dutch Native language

Translation services

Afrikaans  — Dutch Native language
  • Dutch (Netherlands)

Personal Details

Dominican Republic, 07:20 pm
Native language
Work experience
22 years 9 months
About me
After a long stay in several countries worldwide I speak seven languages, six to a professional level and beyond.Medical experience and a medical degree help me in my translation efforts, while being the local family doctor.
Translation and writing articles has become our main source of income, aided with a small pension. But I will have to keep working to support our ever expanding family.



  • Zambia
  • Master
  • Medicine, tropical medicine

Work experience

Director in Gone Native Translations
from 2005 to Present
Translation, proofreading and costumer relations.


Legal Studies

  • 2015

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document Legal Studies

Diploma UNZA

  • 1982

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document Diploma UNZA

English teaching licence

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document English teaching licence