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Karen Perez Herrera

10.3 k words
9 projects

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Translation services

English  — Spanish Native language
Test passed
  • Education Translation

Education Products and catalogs Documents and certificates Correspondence Software Fiction Gaming

Personal Details

Chile, Arica, 04:11 am
Native language
Work experience
4 years 9 months
About me

Professional Chilean English - Spanish translator, subtitler and proofreader with experience in a variety of fields which includes:


- Human Sciences: philosophy, psychology, religion and literature.
- Social Media and Entertainment: YouTube, blogs, websites, marketing, TV and cinema, gambling, videogames, etc.
- Physical and Sporting activities: leisure, fitness, yoga, etc.

What can I offer?
- Professional knowledge ...


Universidad de Tarapacá

  • 2016
  • Chile
  • Specialist
  • English-Spanish Translator

Work experience

Translator and editor in Rebuild Babel
from 2018 to Present
More than 11 thousand words translated in the gambling field.
Subtitler in Rev.com
from 2018 to Present
More than 1000 minutes subtitled which is equivalent to 250 completed projects.
Translator and proofreader in STC LLC
from 2017 to Present
Translation and proofreading of gambling website, content and mobile app.


Karen Pérez English CV

  • 2019

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document Karen Pérez English CV

Karen Pérez CV en español

  • 2019

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document Karen Pérez CV en español