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Gu Hanjing

211 words

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Translation services

English  — Chinese (simplified) Native language

Arts and culture Automotive business Banking and investment Cosmetics Economics Electrical engineering Fashion

Translation services

German  — Chinese (simplified) Native language

Personal Details

China, Shanghai, 09:42 am
Native language
Chinese (simplified)
Work experience
11 years 9 months
About me
I have 7+ years part-time translation and localization experience, now based in the Netherlands, I’m working as a full-time freelance translator. I earned my Master Degree in Simultaneous Interpretation between English, German and Chinese back in 2012 and was certified by the Chinese Ministry of Personnel as well as Ministry of Education. I have translated and published several books and articles on various topics. My end clients include Schäffer...


Beijing Foreign Studies University

  • 2012
  • China
  • Master
  • Simultaneous Interpretation between English, Chinese and German


CV - Hanjing Gu

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document CV - Hanjing Gu