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Francois Silva Ramos

12.4 k words

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Translation services

French Native language  —
  • French (France)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Agriculture Annual reports Architecture Arts and culture Business Contracts and reports Corporate social responsibility

Translation services

Portuguese  —
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
French Native language
  • French (France)

Translation services

English  —
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • English (USA)
French Native language
  • French (France)

Personal Details

Netherlands, Den Haag, 04:19 am
Native language
Work experience
10 years 9 months
About me
I am a professional, communicative and through translator. 
My experience was build along the last 10 years, translating many kind of documents, mainly official documents.

You can be assured of my professionalism and timely delivery.



  • 2011
  • Brazil
  • Bachelor
  • Interior Design

Work experience

Freelance Translator in Freelance Translator
from 2018 to Present
I am a versatile translator and can translate a variety of documents. My main work is around official documents (Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate ...) But I also have experience translating Business Contract as well as Product Notice.
Proofreader and translator in ADsound
from 2014 to 2017
*Correcting script *Translating script between English/French/Brazilian Portuguese *Labeling audio files with phonetic alphabet in order to create a data base of phonems *Monitoring recording session *Checking quality of files *Correcting script
Volunteer translator in Ministerio Together
from 2009 to 2012
Responsible for official document translation (Birth certificate, Visa application) Translation of training material in the pedagogical area Translation between French/Portuguese/Spanish/English


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