Aziz Ahmedoğlu
Aziz Ahmedoğlu
Russian  native

Yurt dışında doğduğum ve Türk olduğum için iki dilide anadil seviyesinde biliyorum.

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Military, Religion, IT and computing science, Banking and investment, Printed materials, Document, Computing Science, Science, Biochemistry, Biology, Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Geography, Linguistics, Pharmaceutics, Ecology and environment, Economics, Electrical engineering, Electronics, Real estate, Industrial automation, Energy, eLearning, Entertainment, Philosophy, Physics, Finance, General, Cartography, Aviation and space, Legal, Geology, Chemistry, Fiction, Cosmetics, Corporate, Manuals, Luxury goods, Mining, Engineering, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Architecture, Fashion, Accounting, Nuclear, Optics, Automotive business, Gaming, Patent, Marketing, advertising, PR, Oil and gas, Psychology, Arts and culture, Industry, Insurance, Government, Social science, Sociology, Sports, Contracts and reports, History, Agriculture, Technical, Textile, Telecommunication, Business, Construction, HR, eCommerce, Food and drinks, Annual reports, Life Sciences, Correspondence, Software, Website, Veterinary medicine, Transport and logistics, Medical, Medical equipment, Tourism and travel, Thermal power engineering
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