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Andy Van Dingenen

100% Quality
100% Compliance with deadlines

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2 projects

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Translation services

French  — Dutch Native language

Translation services

English  — Dutch Native language

Contracts and reports Correspondence Documents and certificates Fiction Gaming Manuals Marketing, advertising and PR

Reviews · 1

  • SM
    Saso Merkac,  KRIPTOMAT OÜ
    MT post-editingEnglish > Dutch
    Blockchain and cryptocurrency

    7 Jul'20

    • Recommended
    • Recommended
      Compliance with deadlines

Personal Details

Belgium, Lier, 09:27 am
Native language
Work experience
15 years 9 months
About me
I work as a freelance translator since 2005 (full-time from 2005 to 2008 and since 2017) and have worked as an internal translator for a translation agency in the meantime (from 2008 to 2017). Before that, I worked in customer service jobs for several companies in different industries (marketing, leasing, etc.)


Katholieke Vlaamse Hogeschool

  • 1991
  • Belgium
  • Master
  • Translation NL-FR_EN

Work experience

Freelance translator in Write! (own company)
from 2005 to Present
Internal translator-proofreader in Home Office bvba
from 2008 to 2017
Translation of texts and revision/proofreading of other (freelance) translators' translations


Proof of certification as a sworn translator for the Court of First Appeal in Antwerp

  • 1992

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document Proof of certification as a sworn translator for the Court of First Appeal in Antwerp

Diploma 'Licentiate in translation' (now Master)

  • 1991

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document Diploma 'Licentiate in translation' (now Master)