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TM management from Romanian to English
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Ana-Maria Hertel
Ana-Maria Hertel
Romania, Bucuresti
About me
I am a Romanian Translator/Writer and an English/French Teacher. I can translate from/into English/French/Italian/Romanian. I have written lots of articles and blogs. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Languages – Philology (French - English Department) and two Master's Degrees (in Agricultural Alternative Technologies and European Administration). I’m inventive, an organized person, a good team player, communicative, diligent, hard worker, eager to learn, involved and open to new. I have experience in Project Management as I am the Project Manager with PROFLANG - PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE SERVICES (ROMANIA). Please contact me for further details.
TM management
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1:20 PM Last seen:4 days ago
daniela baicu
daniela baicu
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, london
About me
I am a professional interpreter and translator located in London, United Kingdom. I also have a team of translators on the following pairs of languages; English- French/ English- Polish/ English- Japanese.
TM management
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11:20 PM
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