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Translation from Japanese to Romanian
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Georgiana Oprea
Georgiana Oprea
Romania, Bucharest
About me
A detail-oriented, reliable and talented translator with a proven ability to translate written documents from several languages. A quick learner who is keen on absorbing new ideas and can communicate effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds.
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7:30 AM
Daniela Mageanu
Daniela Mageanu
Japan, Osaka
About me
Born in Romania, I moved to New Zealand with my family when I was 12. I picked up Spanish and French (by exposure) to go with my native Romanian. All my higher education, as well as the acquisition of my 3rd language, Japanese, was done through the medium of English. I began Japanese at high school (aged 13) and went on to pursue a Masters in the subject. Also, I have been living in Japan for over 5 years constantly improving my linguistic skills. I'm passionate about conveying the most accurate nuances of the original into the target language. My personal interests veer more towards the Arts (music, literature, games, anime and manga) and my main experiences with translating for a company tend towards a more formal register. This has helped me develop all areas of my language translation from Japanese to English.I am equally confident translating into and from Romania from any of my other languages.
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2:30 PM
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