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Translation from Japanese to Nepali
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Roshani Bajracharya
Roshani Bajracharya
Japan, Kyoto
About me
Hello. Namaste. I am Roshani Bajracharya, Nepali national residing in Japan since 2012. I started my Freelancer translation job in 2015, the project to create Material Translation as a material. I started my work in Japanese, English and my native language Nepali. Since then, I have been in love with this job. And, working with the words started to be my passion, which drove me to take another step of enrollment into Proofreading course to hone my skills in Proofreading. Passion and accurate delivery has been my element in Translating, Writing and Proofreading. I am not a perfectionist, but I love to be organized, so, if needed during the translation process, I might ask questions or do my small research to bring the style, tone, message and meaning to the contents of Translation. I am also aware about the the need of project deadlines and the necessity to supply as a translator. It will be an extreme pleasure to work under these three languages. Thankyou :)
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5:10 PM
Daisuke Yamamoto
Daisuke Yamamoto
Japan, 名古屋
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8:10 PM
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