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Harshita Katiyar
Harshita Katiyar
India, Kanpur
About me
I was born in Kanpur, India in 1995 and raised there. I have completed a post-graduation from CSJM University in Biotechnology. And have substantial experience in the field of Project Management. After learning the Japanese language for a while, I took it as my life's work. I've started my career as a Japanese Translator in Translators Without Borders. Translation is my passion. And I desperately want to attain native-level fluency in the Japanese language. My goal is to provide translation to my readers with the same images and the same satisfaction as reading the work in the source language. I have strong communication and organizational skills and the ability to perform tasks successfully and dependably. I also have experience in editing, proofreading, and academic writing. Currently, I'm working in MozartCultures as a Content Writer. As a person, I like doing things on my own. I put all my effort and energy to achieve exactly what I want. And I enjoy doing photography as a hobby.
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1:46 PM
Gina SC
Gina SC
About me
I've been translating since 2010. [Smartcat availability-9:00 AM to 2 AM]
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5:16 PM
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