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Translation from Hindi to German

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Sascha Wolf
Sascha Wolf
India, Dimapur
About me
Hi, I am from Germany and enjoy life as a digital nomad/freelance translator with my wife. I started working as an interpreter in 2013 for wedding ceremonies and refugees. I also began translating web shop content for my employers in the automotive parts and medical device industry. From 2015, I am working as a freelance translator for translation agencies and my own customers. I have extensive experience in subtitle translation for cooking shows and HR coaching videos. Besides that, I am also active with app and game translation. I work with CAT tools like MemoQ, Crowdin, and OmegaT. I will not always be offering the fastest turnaround times, but the ones that I do offer I have always been able to keep. Please note that I am not interested in working for the following fields: -Tobacco & Vape -Arms Industry -Magical or pornographic content -Gambling Apps Please feel free to contact me! Best regards, Sascha
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chaganti parameswari
chaganti parameswari
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