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Search the Marketplace for the best candidates or post a job offer providing information about the project.

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Smartcat’s online CAT editor is designed to enhance translators’ productivity while giving you and your colleagues full control.

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The French language is from the Romance language family.

The French language is spoken by about 350 million people in over 50 countries. It has been around for over 1,000 years and is still spoken by millions of people all over the world. The French language originated in France. It is unclear exactly when it originated, but it is thought to have arisen from the Gallo-Romance language spoken in the area around Paris in the early Middle Ages.

What is an Hindi-to-French translator’s job?

Hindi-to-French translators translate written documents, such as marketing materials, legal contracts, medical reports and academic papers. They also translate audio or video content from Hindi to French. Translators must be able to understand the source language and the target language, as well as the subject matter of the document they are translating.

How do you hire an Hindi-to-French translator?

To hire an Hindi-to-French translator, you need to post a project on Smartcat and search for a translator who is the right fit for your project. You can also browse our database of translators and find one that matches your needs using filters such as specialization, experience, and availability.
Once you have found a translator that matches your needs, you just click on the “Invite” button, and Smartcat sends an invitation to their email. Once they accept it, Smartcat automatically assigns them to your Hindi-to-French translation project, which they can do right on Smartcat.

How much does it cost to hire an Hindi-to-French translator?

The cost of hiring an Hindi-to-French translator will depend on any given translator’s specialization, experience, and other factors. Every translator sets their per-word rates by themself, enabling a market-based pricing system.
As a rule of thumb, Smartcat’s per-word rates for Hindi-to-French translation start at $0.05 per word, and can go as high as $0.20 per word for highly specialized translators or types of content.

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